Chocolate and Vanilla Waffle Lollypops


· McCain® Liege Sugar Waffles – 90 g
· Dark chocolate – 220 g
· Heavy cream – 150 ml
· Unsalted butter – 40 g
· Vanilla powder – 5 g
· Lollypop stick – 1 nos


· In a pot, melt the butter together with the chocolate and cream and whisk till creamy.
· Bake McCain® Liege Sugar Waffles for 1 minute at 170˚C in a pre-heated oven.
· Cut the waffle in two and build a lollypop using the lollypop stick.
· Dip the waffles in the chocolate sauce to cover half of the length.
· Make sure all surfaces of the waffle are covered.
· Let the chocolate dry on a cooling rack.
· Dust with the vanilla powder and serve.

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